New MDMA Purity Test Kit

Product Description

This MDMA purity test is a quick test that will give you an idea about the purity of your MDMA sample. Use it after you’ve tested your sample with theMDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) test, which gives an indication of whether or not MDMA is present in the first place.

Dealers sometimes cut MDMA to increase their profit margins. With this test, you’ll be able to find out whether and how much your MDMA has been cut. As a general guideline, you can say that when there’s a high percentage of MDMA present in the sample, you’re close to the top source, which means less potentially dangerous cutting agents.

MDMA Purity Test Color Chart

This picture is taken after 60 minutes. From left to right the amount of MDMA increases, 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. The longer it stands the clearer the color differences in color (and concentration) can be determined.

MDMA Purity Test Kit Includes

  • 10 MDMA purity tests
  • 10 spatulas
  • Instruction sheet

MDMA Purity Test Kit

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